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ShinatoraYa is a homage to everything that the late Frank Sinatra taught Jay Joden during their cherished time together.

This story starts in 70s New York, when Joden moved to the US to fulfil his "American Dream" where he would stumble upon a life-changing figure in Bobby Sinatra, who would later go on to introduce him to the one and only Frank Sinatra. The iconic jazz artist took Joden under his wing, treating him like his and serving as his invaluable mentor by sharing his personal views and "rules" - one of them being to make others happy, sharing your passion and joy of work with everyone.

Joden would go on to translate this attitude onto his own career, sharing his passion and joy with his selection of cattle by making sure they are personally looked after at all times with tender love and care. Daily massages, organic food and a stress-free environment filled with calming classical music (and Frank Sinatra, of course) are just some of the factors that guarantee the best possible conditions for the cows. The result is an incomparable product that is unrivalled in its exquisite taste.

To Joden, Madrid's Salamanca district and Retiro Park emulate the sensibility and energy of New York City, reminding him of the many precious moments he spent with his idol and mentor. This restaurant is culmination of past and present, a unique passion project that combines the elegance of the 70s Jazz with his expertise on fine Japanese dining and Wagyu and Kobe beef.

So come and enjoy the rich flavours that stem from decades of care and experimentation - maybe even a toast of Jack Daniels to living life at its fullest, just like the legendary "Blue Eyes" would have wanted you to do.

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kobe & Wagyu

In 2014, we became the first member of the Kobe association in Europe.

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The Shinatora Ya restaurant is officially part of the Michelin guide.

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Enjoy with your friends and family the best WAGYU AND KOBE beef and savor the authentic flavor of Japan!