Restaurante Shinatora Ya

Velada San Valentín

February 14 Wednesday

Miso's whispers

"Miso soup is an embrace on a cold winter night. Every spoonful is
a whisper, softness, and warmth. It's only love, shared in the intimacy of
this moment."

Delicate’s Selection Valentine's Day Sashimi

“Sumptuous slices of raw fish, meticulously hand-cut
into five exquisite varieties. A symphony of sea freshness and delicate
flavors to delight the senses and ignite passion on this special evening.”

A Quartet of Nigiri, Petite Pleasures...

“Delicate portions of compact rice embraced by thin slices of
fresh fish, each one a sweet kiss of flavor on the palate, awakening
subtle sensations with every bite.”
The Main Scene, Your Choice:

– Sukiyaki –

“An intimate dance of flavors and aromas unfolds in every bite of
our sukiyaki, where thin slices of meat intertwine with fresh
vegetables in a hot broth. This dish, cooked with love and care, invites
sharing moments of warmth and connection, while the sweet perfume of the
sauce envelops our senses, creating an ethereal bond between lovers.”
– Yakiniku –
"Dance of flames and love. Each spark from the grill is a flash of passion.
Fine touches of meat burn slowly. The perfumed smoke envelops us in
the intimacy of the table."
Delight Your Palate with Your Choice...

95 €

150 €

We end with a special dessert for the occasion.
Celebrate Love with Our Exclusive Valentine's Menu
This Valentine's Day, we have prepared a unique culinary experience for you and your loved one. Our "Valentine's Evening" menu is an invitation to enjoy an unforgettable evening, designed exclusively to celebrate love and passion.
Please keep in mind:
Exclusivity: This February 14, our restaurant is proud to present only the "Valentine's Evening", a careful selection of dishes that promise to delight your senses and make your night a memory to treasure.
No Alternatives: To ensure an unparalleled experience, no a la carte options or modifications to the special Valentine's Day menu will be offered. We are confident that our exclusive menu, designed with love and care by our chef, will meet and exceed all of your expectations.
Early Reservation: Due to the unique nature of this offer, we recommend making your reservation in advance to ensure your place in this celebration of love.
We appreciate your understanding and are excited to have the opportunity to be a part of your Valentine's Day celebration.
We are sure it will be a night you will remember forever!